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Home Automation Drives Energy Savings

Home automation features are helping families across the nation who are working harder than ever to stretch the dollar as far as it can go. Whether it’s skipping eating out, watching movies at home or keeping energy costs low, many households are tightening their belts. But new technologies like home automation make cost-saving measures painless, especially when it comes to energy costs.

According to the Energy Information Administration, Americans spend more than $1 trillion annually on energy, meaning there is plenty of room for homeowners to find savings. Wireless home security systems with home automation can make it simple for many families to reduce their home energy costs by giving them the tools to reduce their consumption and save some money. Here are a few ways home automation with wireless home security can make a difference:

  1. Turn off your lights even when you aren’t home. It’s always frustrating when you realize you left lights on while you’re away for the day. That wasted energy could cost homeowners some of the income they work so hard for all day. But home automation systems make it easy to turn off the lights remotely, be it from your computer, or from your iPhone or Android device. If you’re not sure if you left the lights on, you can check their status easily and turn them off if needed.
  2. Set your thermostat to power down during the day. While your and your family are at the office or in class, there’s often no need to keep your heating or air conditioning running at full blast. Instead, you can use full home automation to schedule your thermostat to power down when you leave in the morning and start back up a few hours before you return. That way you aren’t paying for heating or cooling you don’t need, but your home is always comfortable when you’re there.
  3. Set your lights to go off and on automatically. If you’re taking a trip out of town or plan to be gone for the night, it’s important that your lights be on at certain times so that intruders believe someone is home. But just leaving your lights on is ineffective and costly, and timers can be difficult to use. Too often, lights are left on overnight, giving intruders a sign that no one is actually home and costing homeowners on their energy bills. Using home automation to set the lights to go on while you’re gone but to go off overnight is an easy way to bring down energy bills and protect your home.

For many families, home automation has become a simple tool to effortlessly reduce their energy costs and save money. In a time when homeowners nationwide are looking for ways to keep more of the money they earn, home automation tools can help with easy-to-use tools that make saving money simple.

Choosing a Home Security Camera or Surveillance Camera System

If you’re in the process of creating or updating a home security system, you probably are looking into home security cameras as a way to keep your family safe. Nothing gives homeowner’s a better sense of security than knowing that there is always a helpful eye keeping the home safe from intruders.

With today’s technological advances, you have a wide array of surveillance cameras at your disposal and choosing the right model is important to making sure you get the most out of your security system. Just ask yourself these questions to be sure you choose the right home security camera.

  1. Is the camera for indoor or outdoor use? If you want to protect your entire property, or be aware in advance when an intruder approaches your home, an outdoor wireless camera may be the best option. These security cameras can be trained on your driveway and any entrance points, and typically need to be built for a variety of weather conditions. If you want to monitor inside your home to make sure your family is safe, indoor cameras are probably the best choice. However, many families opt for both indoor and outdoor security cameras in order to have complete protection.
  2. Do you want motion-activated cameras? In many cases, families have no need to check their security cameras unless something goes wrong. This is where motion-activated cameras may be able to help. These security cameras stand guard 24/7, but only take photos when something moves in front of them. This means a homeowner can be sure that if an intruder enters, the camera will kick in to scare them off and provide evidence to keep the home safe.
  3. Do you want to be able to watch live streaming video? Alternatively, you may want to be able to check in on your home at any time for peace of mind. Live streaming video security cameras allow you to remotely view any activity in your home so you are always in control. Whether it’s making sure your kids got home from school to checking in while you’re at work, live streaming video can be the right choice for anyone who wants to check up on their home at any time.
  4. Do you want to have infrared ability? Criminals can no longer use the cover of darkness to avoid detection if you choose a camera with infrared capabilities. Infrared security cameras use heat signatures to pick up even the stealthy intruder, day or night. You can choose from among motion-activated and video security cameras with infrared so that no matter what you plan to use your cameras for, you can be sure that darkness won’t offer any help to intruders.

Picking the right wireless security camera for your needs is a crucial step in assembling the right home security system. Make sure to assess what you want out of a security camera, and look for a camera that works best to fit these attributes.