LiveWatch Launches First Indoor Infrared Video Cameras

LiveWatch has launched its first ever series of indoor video surveillance cameras to include infrared night vision technology. The wireless cameras deliver powerful new indoor surveillance security through cutting edge infrared capabilities that allow the cameras to capture high definition images in all levels of light.

The new Indoor Wireless IP Video Camera (ADC-V520) and Indoor Wireless IP Video Camera with InfraRed (ADC-V520IR) record and capture in high definition, come with full color 720P resolution and have longer wireless range for a greater ability to secure the whole home. Installation is fast and easy, as with all products from LiveWatch, and is completed with a simple push-button process.

Both fixed lens cameras offer high, medium and low-resolution image capture options, in addition to adjustment options for brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness and exposure. The V520IR also comes with a clear new night vision image capture, meaning it provides state-of-the-art security all day and all night.

“With so many ways to customize your video cameras, it’s easy to make sure the camera is providing the best image and service to the customer,” says LiveWatch President Chris Johnson. “That’s really what we’re about here at LiveWatch: giving our customers the best equipment, best service and the best overall experience.”

The new cameras from include the most advanced video technology available, ensuring customers have more options and better security than ever before.

LiveWatch is constantly striving to bring the newest and most highly rated security products to customers. The new infrared cameras are only the latest example of that determination and desire to ensure a customer’s peace of mind.

Home Automation Gives You Safety and Convenience While Away

Home automation allows you to turn your house into a smart home using various home control devices. These products make life easier while the house is occupied and add another level of security and convenience when you’re away from home.

All homeowners have unique schedules, but because nobody can be home 24/7, home automation can take the hassle out of monitoring your home from work or across the world. Learn how you can take advantage of home automation benefits:

  • No unwelcome entries: Assign unique key codes to babysitters, neighbors or anyone else with a valid reason to stop by the house. Instead of giving out keys or your garage door code, these codes will alert you when the individual enters and leaves your home. You can even delete the codes if that person should no longer enter your house.
  • Change your home control remotely: If you forget to lock the door or turn off the lights, you can manage these functions and more from just a smartphone.
  • Turn lights on and off to give your home a lived-in appearance when the house is unoccupied.
  • Save on your energy bill by turning down the temperature and turning off lights when you’re away from home.
  • Monitor everything through your smartphone. You don’t need to set up a DVR program or use complicated technology — control your entire home automation system right from your iPhone, Android or BlackBerry anywhere in the world.

If you’re looking to customize your home control, start with SafeMart’s Personal Monitoring Adviser. The Adviser will walk you through all the components of home automation to make sure you have the maximum control, security and convenience.


Simple Home Security Tips for Spring Cleaning

Effective home security protects homes from the outside-in. Outdoor home security system components work with the central system, and just a few tweaks can help home security systems best monitor any dangers. Add some simple tasks to your spring cleaning list to ensure maximum protection for this season and beyond.

In addition to testing smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitors in the spring, follow these home security tips to safeguard against internal and external threats:

  1. Check the safety measures around your shed or garage. As you dust off expensive – and dangerous – yard tools and machinery for the summer, make sure motion sensors will alert you if your kids approach a sharp blade. Clean up any standing cans of dangerous chemicals like gasoline or paint. Even those without children, or wandering pets, should be wary of curious neighborhood kids and protect their property before an accident occurs.
  2. Test motion sensors on your outdoor entrance ways and windows that have not been opened in months.
  3. Change your thermostat settings to save energy when you leave windows open to naturally cool the home.
  4. Inspect outdoor camera angles in case new foliage blocks a camera lense.
  5. Remember to put away any equipment like ladders to avoid making a burglar’s entrance easier.

Homeowners without an up-to-date home security system can use SafeMart’s Personal Monitoring Advisor to create a customized security plan. A small investment now, for a new or an updated system, will protect what’s priceless this spring and for seasons to come.

New Security Cameras Avoid Old Problems

Surveillance cameras come in a variety of forms, but don’t let the options overwhelm you. New technology makes wireless security cameras the easiest and most secure option for anyone regardless of technology expertise.

Understand the benefits of security cameras before you decide on this important safeguard for your home. Here are some of the ways security cameras best protect your home:

  1. Wireless cameras avoid the risk of burglars cutting camera wires, and make it easier for homeowners to install cameras without drilling holes for wires.
  2. Smartphone technology allows you to watch live video feeds of your home from anywhere in the world instead of worrying about changing videotapes. This remote viewing can help you keep an eye on the kids, too.
  3. Security cameras work over the Internet instead of through a DVR, so there’s always space for your favorite television shows and nobody accidentally deletes something important.
  4. Wireless surveillance cameras move with you if you change houses, whether you move down the street or across the country.
  5. Setup takes you just minutes instead of hours of waiting for an appointment with a stranger.

These benefits and more apply to both indoor and outdoor cameras. Gone are the days of confusing videotapes and big, ugly cameras — now you can enjoy peace of mind from anywhere in the world with SafeMart’s security cameras. To begin the process of choosing the best security cameras for your home, use the personal monitoring adviser to learn how to protect your valuable property.