Monday Roundup

From falsified burglaries, to reunions with long-lost paintings, nike air max pas cher to missing giant hamsters,

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  • it was an eventful weekend in the world of surprise private property transactions. Here’s your Monday Roundup:Hampster

    1. A 25-year-old Lake Grove, Mochilas Kanken Infantil NY Woman was arrested Friday for falsely reporting a burglary to cover up the fact she committed the crime herself. Calvin Ridley Jerseys The perpetrator called 911, Nike Air Max 2017 Goedkoop telling police a man was breaking into her landlord’s apartment, but she then told officers the man had fled once they arrived. cheap air jordans free shipping The subsequent story she told a detective didn’t match up with her original description of the event, and the woman eventually admitted to having broken into the landlord’s residence and stealing jewelry at an earlier date.
    2. Three Auburn University students were arrested in connection with the theft of valuable sports paraphernalia from the Jordan-Hare Stadium football locker room last week. Air Jordan 14 Retro The stolen goods include equipment worn by stars Bo Jackson and Cam Newton,
    4. as well as standard Under Armour gear.

    5. The exhibition of a decades-ago stolen painting recently returned to the Baltimore Museum of Art opened Sunday. The piece, called On the Shore of the Seine, was painted by French artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir in 1879, purchased by American art collectors in 1925, and stolen from the Baltimore museum in 1951. Nike Air Max 2017 Dames wit The work was discovered in a West Virginia flea market and returned to the museum in September 2013.
    6. A 25-foot-tall inflatable hamster was stolen from the car lot of a Santa Fe-based Kia dealership.

    How to Stay safe During a Heat Wave


    Extreme heat claims the lives of hundreds of Americans each year. New Balance 993 mujer With the hot temperatures of August just around the corner, here are some heat illness-prevention tips to help you stay safe and enjoy the rest of your summer:

    1. Hydrate with water: Milk, Nike Air Max 2016 Dames grijs fruit juices and even some energy drinks give your body important vitamins and supplements, but when it’s hot your greatest concern is staying hydrated—and water does the best job of that. Do your best to avoid drinks with lots of sugar, Fjallraven Kanken caffeine or alcohol.
    2. Make sure your medication doesn’t cause you to overheat: Many prescription and over-the-counter medications decrease your body’s ability to regulate temperature. Check medicine boxes for warnings and consult with your doctor, especially when it comes to antihistamines, Adidas Baratas psychiatric drugs and sleeping pills.
    3. Avoid over-exertion: Even if it means getting up a little earlier in the morning or delaying your workout until the evening after the sun is down,
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    5. you should do all you can to avoid exerting large amounts of energy for long periods of time during the heat of day.

    6. Plan to stay in cool places: Air-condition is your best defense against heat-related illnesses. nike air max 2017 goedkoop If you’re planning family activities, try visiting places like malls that have powerful cooling systems. Run the air-conditioner in your car on a high setting and never leave a child or pet closed in a vehicle with the AC off.
    7. Know the symptoms of heat stroke and call 911 immediately if a friend or family member is experiencing it: Heat stroke occurs when the body stops regulating its temperature; someone experiencing heat stroke cannot sweat to cool down.
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    9. Red and dry skin,

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    11. a rapid pulse, a throbbing headache, Canotte Golden State Warriors dizziness, nausea,

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    13. confusion, unconsciousness,

    Three Benefits of Custom Alarm Systems

    brick-house2 When it comes to arming your home with an alarm system, the number of options you have can be dizzying. Fjallraven Kanken Mini In addition to the variety of alarms and sensors you can choose, there are an abundance of add-ons in the forms of cameras, hazard detectors, and automation devices available to enhance your security, but also complicate your decision-making process. The predesigned complete security systems that exist to simplify your buying experience often provide more-than-adequate security for your home and installing one of these could easily alleviate your security concerns.
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  • However, starting a custom alarm system from scratch gives you future expansion options a predesigned system doesn’t. In addition, custom alarm systems can be modified and adapt to specifically meet the changing needs of you and your family. If you’re thinking about acquiring a custom alarm system, here are three major benefits of the extra research to think about: 1. nike air jordan 3 mujer The flexibility to accommodate your unique property: Everyone’s house and property are different. With a fixed package you only get so many entry and motion sensors, but building a custom alarm system gives you the flexibility to account for every window and door you want to secure.

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  • If you make an addition to your home or find that you want to secure an area you didn’t originally think needed an alarm, custom alarm systems are made to easily accept new devices. Air Jordan 9 Want to add a security camera to augment your alarms? No problem if you’re using a customized system. 2.

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  • The ability to modify functionality: Predesigned systems work great for their intended purposes, but what if you decide you want a motion sensor in your yard instead of that alarm you installed on your door? With a custom system like Livewatch’s Plug & Protect, you can easily swap out sensors and alarms without additional fees or technical difficulties. 3. adidas gazelle The power to improve daily living: Custom alarm systems can go far beyond the basic functions of home security.

  • From monitoring your home to make sure children and pets are playing safely, to remotely controlling home appliances to save money and energy, to contacting friends and neighbors in the case of an emergency, customized alarm systems can be expanded over time to make your life easier. Livewatch representatives are experts in the field of custom alarm systems and do-it-yourself home security. Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawks Jersey We are here to help you choose the right sensors, alarms, and cameras as you assemble a system that will protect what’s most precious to you.

    How to Make Your Home Swimming Pool a Safe Place

    backyardpool If you have a home swimming pool and you’re expecting visitors and young children to use it this summer, you’re probably thinking about how you can keep your guests safe without imposing too many fun-dampening rules. air max pas cher With that in mind, here are some essential tips for how to make your pool a safe place:  

    1. Keep a safety toolkit on hand: A first aid kit, a pair of scissors for cutting hair or pool covers in case of entrapment emergencies, flotation devices and a charged cellphone for calling 911 and other emergency contacts are all must-have items for owners of a residential pool. adidas outlet shop online These items also help increase safety at public pools.
    2. Always supervise children: Drowning is the second most common cause of injury-related death in the United States,
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    4. and most drownings among children ages 1-4 occur in home swimming pools. New Balance 009 hombre Flotation devices help keep your kids safe, but they’re not reliable enough for you to be able to walk away. Keep your eyes on swimming children at all times, and especially be aware when their playing and splashing gets quiet.

    5. Be careful when swimming by drains: If possible, Maglie Cleveland Cavaliers children should be kept away from pool drains.
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    7. Make sure your drain covers are in place and intact. Nike Air Huarache Heren Swimmers with long hair should be reminded to keep their hair tied up to avoid entrapment in the drain. Phoenix Suns In the event someone becomes entrapped by a drain, turn off the pump immediately, Nike Free Run Femme and place a hand between the drain and the person’s body to break the pressure seal; do not try simply pulling them away from the drain as this will likely result in injury.

    8. Fence in your pool: Barriers at least 4 feet tall should be erected around your home pool. Denard Robinson – Michigan Wolverines Also strongly consider arming gates to the pool with alarms so you know when a child might be entering the pool unsupervised.
    9. Train yourself in the basics of response: Taking lessons about CPR and basic lifesaving skills will go a long way in helping you make your home pool the safest place possible.

      Please note that all tips mentioned here also apply to safety at public pools.

    “What is priceless to you” R.A. – University of Central Florida

    My life experiences and financial struggles taught me that if there’s anything priceless in the world, it’s a safe home. Everyone defines security in a different way. To some it might be a loving spouse, children, a job or wealth. A safe roof over my head and a house filled with a loving family is my definition of priceless things in life. Home is not only a place we return to from school or work. Maglie Golden State Warriors It is often mistaken for a simple resting stop where we recharge our batteries after a long day and relax. New Balance Pas Cher Home means a lot more than that. It is an intimate environment where people feel safe physically, intellectually, spiritually and emotionally. Some go as far as calling it the safest place on earth. adidas schoenen It’s a tragedy when someone loses this place. It tears families apart, creates chaos in their lives and makes it hard to pick up the pieces. It happened to my family before and we were forced to rent places in unsafe areas. Nick Chubb – Georgia Bulldogs Jerseys I witnessed break-ins, broken families and lived amongst some very desperate people. Our love was the only thing keeping my family together. adidas yeezy boost 350 damskie To ensure that I will always be able to provide a safe home to myself and my family, I decided to obtain a good solid education. Canotte Memphis Grizzlies I view it as a way of bettering my life and the people I love. Maglia Damian Lillard Majoring in law will allow me to help people in traumatic situations as well. Aaron Rodgers Packers Jerseys I intend to one day become a lawyer and assist my clients with foreclosure defense. Asics Gel Lyte 5 I will make sure they don’t lose the one thing so close to my heart… their home.   R.A.

    “What is Priceless to you?” T.D. – Valencia Community College

    What’s priceless to me? Well first what exactly is the definition of “priceless”? According to Webster’s Dictionary priceless is “So precious as not to be sold at any price”. Nike Air Max 2016 Dames Roze Well, then that’s an easy one, the unconditional love from family is priceless to me. Why is this so priceless? Well, growing up my family was all I knew. Nike Air Huarache Pas Cher Being from Latin roots (Colombian) big parties and family gatherings were what I grew up with. Canotte Detroit Pistons Every year on anyone’s birthday was the same tradition. Asics Kinsei 5 damskie A gathering at my house, a birthday cake with ice cream, and the love of each other. They were always my biggest fans and supporters and encouraged me to take on the world. I also think it’s priceless because “family” doesn’t necessarily need to be blood.

  • I have several people who I consider a part of my family, even though we do not share the same blood. Nike Air Max Thea męskie I consider them my family because they are also people who loved me, trusted me, and cared for me unconditionally and to this day are still there for me. Adidas Stan Smith Dames At the end of the day, family can be defined by the people we chose. I was blessed to be born with such an amazing family and in addition find amazing friend who became a part of it. For this I am thankful every day, and that is why it is so priceless to me. To be considered for this scholarship to continue to make my family proud would be such an honor. Air Jordan Future It will allow me to further pursue my education and Bachelor’s degree in Business Management & Real Estate.

  • Meaning I will be one step closer to my ultimate career dream of opening my own real estate agency and becoming a successful realtor. Adidas ZX 700 Heren Thank you for your time, and consideration.   T.D.

    Four Amateur Burglaries Gone Wrong

    No one is perfect, burglars included.BotchedBurglary As spring vacation time rolls around and the weather gets nicer, the statistical likelihood a burglary attempt will be made on your home increases.

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  • Like anyone else, thieves are more active when the snow melts and the cold departs, so taking extra security precautions is a must. Kanken Big At the same time, it’s important to understand that burglars aren’t all professionals and they sometimes make silly mistakes. Clayton Kershaw Authentic Jersey From leaving obvious clues like a dropped cellphone to simply getting spooked by the sound of an alarm, thieves do fail. Maglia David Robinson With that in mind, have a couple laughs at these recent botched burglary attempts. asics gel nimbus 14 hombre

    1. A 25-year-old Wisconsin man was arrested last Friday in connection with a robbery he committed in January.
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    3. Police identified the man by tracing him through contacts saved in the cellphone he conveniently left at the scene of the crime.

    4. A 31-year-old California man who initially escaped arrest when police found him robbing a San Mateo restaurant was taken into custody Tuesday with the assistance of a waitress. Fjallraven Kanken Big UK The man had previously spoken to her and given her his number. The woman gave police permission to impersonate her asking the perpetrator on a date. Maglie New Orleans Pelicans He fell for the trick and was arrested.
    5. State College, Pa. police identified two St. Patrick’s Day burglars as out-of-town visitors for the holiday. Fjallraven Kanken Baratas The two men were caught on security cameras, wandering through the hallways of an apartment building, entering and leaving rooms seemingly at random. Kopen nike air max schoenen Police were able to return almost all of the stolen property, worth more than $1,000.
    6. A still unidentified Nebraska burglar was deterred by a store’s alarm Monday.

    “What is Priceless to you?” F.T. – University of Central Florida

    Priceless, what does it mean? Priceless is a word that’s definition is malleable to who you are. It asks you what you value in life and challenges you on how you even ascribe that value.

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  • To me learning is priceless. Learning has allowed me to become who I am today and learning allows any of us to become anything we want to be. I am double majoring in Psychology and Biology along with two minors in Cognitive science and Spanish.

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  • Learning has allowed me to communicate with more people about such a variety of ideas. I would not be the same without it. New Balance 990 damskie There is no way to put a value on something that gives you everything.

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  • However as valuable as learning is not everyone has equal access to it. nike air max Many people cannot receive any formal education due to lack of funds or a million other variables in life. Luckily today with technology informal learning has achieved great prominence too. Education has reached further through the world than it ever has before, creating immense value throughout the world. nike air max 2015 donna There are many success stories of people climbing from incredible circumstances to achieve their dreams thanks to the availability of quality education with the help of numerous invaluable educators. I am striving for my doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology so that I too can help spread the gift of learning. adidas neo hombre This way I can continue the cycle of what is priceless to me. Nike Air Max 2017 There have been many teachers in my life that have allowed me to become who I am and eventually I hope to join their ranks. Ultimately I hope to facilitate the dreams of many others through the priceless gift of learning. Peyton Manning Tennessee Football Jerseys   F.T.

    Five Bike Safety Tips

    May, for good reason, is National Bike Month. nike tn requin If long-distance cycling is one of your favorite springtime activities, or you simply use a bike as your main method of transportation, here are five bike safety tips to keep in mind as you re-inflate your tires and get ready to hit the road:  

    1. Always wear a well fitted helmet: Protecting your brain should be your main priority when riding a bike. A well fitted helmet is snug but not painful to your head and jaw. nike sklep The front of the helmet should come down your forehead to a position one or two finger widths above your eyebrow. Sac à Dos Kanken Fjallraven Opening your jaw fully in a yawn should cause the helmet to tighten, but rocking your head back and forth shouldn’t cause it to move up or down more than one finger width.
    2. Make sure your bike is comfortable to ride: Adjusting your bike’s seat height is crucial to riding safely.
    3. ADIDAS ZX 750
    4. You shouldn’t have to stretch to reach the pedals or bend your knees at right angles to avoid kicking the ground. Zapatillas New Balance Online A good rule of thumb is to make sure your knees have a slight bend at full extension while pedaling. Nike Sko Nettbutikk The seat should be flat and positioned at the same height as the handlebars.

    5. Check your breaks: Before going anywhere you should test your breaks while riding slowly. Scarpe Hogan If you find yourself sliding, bring your bike to the shop for work.
    6. Stay visible: Make sure your bike is equipped with reflectors and a light. air max pas cher To be safest you should also where bright colored reflective clothing when riding at night to avoid being hit by cars.
    7. Obey traffic laws: As a cyclist you should, when possible, drive on the street in the direction of traffic.

    “What is Priceless to You?” C.Z. – Michigan City High School

    There are many cliché things considered priceless in our lives: family, friendship, love, etc. nike air max 1 homme Sports have shown me a combination of these clichés. Hogan Rebel Being a part of a team playing the sport you love is one of the most priceless experiences I have encountered for many reasons. For starters we aren’t just a team. Nike Air Max 90 Pas Cher We are a family made up of friends that love the game. Although tough times are had, we push through and can fall back on each other in any situation. Teammates have each other’s backs no if ands or buts. adidas gazelle Whether it is on the field or in the real world, we stick together. The same concept goes for winning and losing; no one player is blamed for anything or over praised for anything. We win as a team and lose as a team.

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  • Many say experiences as well as memories are priceless and the best memories you can make, in my opinion, are those you make with your team. Playing on the soccer team and being on the field when we beat LakeCentral for the first time in school history will always be one of my favorite memories as well as the celebration as a team afterwards. The memories of stepping on that field and playing under the lights with some of my best friends are priceless to me. Nike Air Max 1 Heren The bus rides, awards nights, practices, even the punishments I cherish. Nike Dames All of my experiences on and with the team have built my character and personality into what it is today. asics kayano 21 donna I literally wouldn’t be where I am now had I not played. Bulldog Football Jerseys Soccer is the sport I love and I played it with my friends on a team that became my second family. For things to be priceless they almost have to be intangible. They aren’t material, they aren’t purchased. They are earned and achieved. Ezekiel Elliott Ohio State Jerseys The memories I achieved on the soccer team are some of my fondest and most priceless.   C.Z.