Monday Roundup: at least two of these burglary fails will make you laugh

We’re back with our weekly post summarizing interesting and humorous burglary incidents from around the country. This week $300,000 of stolen traced to a cellar 200 miles away from the theft, Fjallraven Kanken Sale NO.2 a thief getting caught while driving an electric shopping cart, Hollister Soldes and more: More than $300,000 of wine stolen in December from a Napa Valley restaurant was recently found in the cellar of a North Carolina wine collector. Cameron Newton – Auburn Tigers Authorities say they suspect the burglary happened on Christmas,
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  • when the restaurant was closed and the burglar alarm was off. Out of the 76 bottles stolen, 72 have been returned, Nike Air Max 2017 Goedkoop but the whole incident could have been avoided with proper alarm use.

    Two Houston men who stole an iPad and $5000 in cash were arrested after they used the iPad to take pictures of themselves with the money.

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  • The victim of the theft was able to see the images when they were automatically uploaded to iCloud, new balance 996 femme soldes and police were subsequently able to track down the perpetrators. Mobile-integrated security truly does help you protect what’s most precious. Maglie Miami Heat


    A Louisiana man who stole $73 worth of goods from a local Walmart was arrested after he tried escaping using one of the store’s electric shopping carts. Detroit Pistons The thief made it out of the building,

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  • but a Walmart employee heading to work saw him conspicuously driving the cart and called the police.

    Economist Recognizes Livewatch for Innovations in Youth Hiring

    economist-livewatch We are proud to announce that the Economist Intelligence Unit has recognized Livewatch as one of three honorees in its Innovations in Youth Hiring initiative. New Balance 574 mujer The Economist Intelligence Unit is a well-renowned economics research company and its Innovations in Youth Hiring Initiative, supported by the Rockefeller Foundation, recognizes businesses that implement creative strategies to recruit, train, and retain young adult employees in a tough job market. Adidas ZX Flux Heren We are being honored for our game-based recruitment and training program that helps new employees identify a career path that best fits their personal interests. Clay Matthews Packers Jerseys The program, which we designed ourselves, Air Jordan 12 Uomo has helped us hire and retain 151 employees between the ages of 16 and 24 in a region where the unemployment rate for young adults is 20 percent. Nike Air Huarache Uomo The system we devised gives young adults opportunities for career advancement as well as a chance for them to use their technological skills to make real contributions to home security.
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  • Adidas Superstar Dames ‘LiveWatchSecurity’, Scarpe Nike Italia Store ‘resizable=yes,status=no,location=no,toolbar=no,menubar=no,fullscreen=no,scrollbars=no,dependent=no,width=610,height=515′); return false;” href=”,AAAADXaozYk~,BawJ37gnfAnGoMxEdQj_T9APQXRHKyAC&bctid=4042925383001″ target=”_blank”>LW_5 You can read more about the program on the Innovations in Youth Hiring page. Portland Trail Blazers We would also like to extend congratulations to our co-honorees: New York-based Sharp Decisions and Oregon-based Precision Body & Paint.

    A Diagram of Diaster Prevention: Burglaries and Home Invasions

    The safety and security of your home, Kanken 20L possessions and most importantly, air max pas cher your family is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Trevor Siemian Jerseys It’s easy to say,

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  • “It won’t happen to me.”, Air Jordan 10 Uomo but the truth is as many as 1 out of every 3 households fall victim to a burglary or home invasion. adidas ultra boost damskie This infographic will arm you with top tips and best practices on how to keep your family and home safe and secure by deterring crime, Solde adidas gazelle preventing break ins and optimizing emergency response time.

    Tuesday Roundup


    Hunter Pence is offering a signed bobble head to whomever returns his stolen motorized scooter.

    This weekend someone stole a professional baseball player’s favorite scooter, Buty Adidas Damskie a newlywed couple lost $8,000 worth of gifts and more. asics italia Here’s your Tuesday roundup:

    1. San Francisco Giants outfielder Hunter Pence is offering an autographed bobble head figure of himself to anyone who can return his motorized scooter, Robert Griffin III – Baylor Bears which was stolen Sunday.
    2. CORTEZ
    3. Pence famously rode the scooter to every home game rather than driving a car.

    4. Burglars Monday stole 141 iPads worth over $70,000 from a West Side Chicago elementary school.
    5. An ATM was forcefully stolen from a Knoxville, Asics Gel Nimbus 14 męskie Tenn., New Balance business Monday. Nike Air Max 2015 męskie The burglars smashed the business’ front window,
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    7. stole the machine and loaded it into a stolen van,

    8. Cleveland Cavaliers
    9. which was later found abandoned on Ashville highway.

    10. Thieves Saturday stole $8,000 worth of cash and checks from the car of a newlywed New York couple.

    The History of Wireless Technology, and How it Came to the Security Industry

    cellphone tower The foundation for the concept of wireless communication was laid by Scottish physicist James Maxwell. In 1864, having devised a series of complex equations still used by physicists and engineers today, Maxwell proved thee existence of electromagnetic waves and theorized that they could be transmitted over distances without a wired connection. Nike Sko Nettbutikk In 1887 Heinrich Hertz was the first person to successfully transmit electromagnetic waves wirelessly. Inventor Guglielmo Marconi expanded on Hertz’s experiment in 1895 when he succeeded in wirelessly sending Morse code to a receiver over a mile away. By 1901, Morse code could be transmitted wirelessly over the Atlantic Ocean and by 1907 a commercial transatlantic wireless telegraph service was in operation. Following communication technology innovations made by the military during WWI and Marconi’s discovery of shortwave radio signals, which require less power to transmit, commercial radio became technologically possible. Cleveland Cavaliers The first commercial broadcast was made by Pittsburg-based radio station KDKA in 1920. Doug Baldwin Seattle Seahawks Jersey Shortly thereafter police in Detroit started using wireless radios while on patrol. The mass popularization of radio in the 1930s and further technological advances during WWII lead to further advances in wireless technology. soldes adidas pas cher By the early 1950s limited mobile telephony networks existed, allowing owners to make calls from phone handsets connected to large systems in the back of their cars. Due to the abundance of landlines, publicly accessible payphones and unreliability of these systems, however, these early devices were not very popular. The first handheld wireless phone call was made in 1973 by Martin Cooper, a Motorola employee. New Balance 1500 męskie By the 1980s, cellphone networks were popping up around the United States, Japan and Europe. Wireless technology entered the realm of security in the mid-1990s as a result of DIY security experts’ desire to eliminate wire clutter. Bo Jackson Jerseys The first wireless security systems required a high level of technical knowhow to install, so the technology at first remained a boutique product.
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  • However, as wireless networks became more reliable and more safely encrypted, major security companies started producing commercial units. asics homme pas cher Today, wireless systems are far easier to install than wired systems.

    Monday Roundup


    Last week both a sketch of Pee-wee Herman and a bearded dragon went missing, and Massachusetts police continued their search for burglars who made off with $10,000 of wine. Here’s your Monday roundup:

    1. A sketch of actor Pee-wee Herman was stolen Sunday from the wall of a New Hampshire ice-cream shop, Matt Holliday Womens Jersey where it had hung for the past 25 years. The store’s owner said she had paid $100 for the sketch.
    2. An Albuquerque man who allegedly crashed a stolen car into a bus Friday told police he was planning to give the vehicle back. A New Mexico judge increased his bond Sunday.
    3. Newton, Goedkoop Nike Schoenen 2017 Mass., police are looking for the burglars of $10,000 worth of wine, Maglie Boston Celtics taken from a local store earlier this month.
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    5. According to surveillance footage, New Balance 247 mujer the wine was stolen over the course of two separate break-ins.

    6. A bearded dragon was stolen last week from a Southern California pet shop. asics kayano 21 hombre An Alhambra, asics gel lyte 5 hombre beige Calif., California Golden Bears police department Facebook post Saturday stated, Nike Air Max 2017 Heren “If a friend (or neighbor) should suddenly be in possession of a dragon with painted nails,

    The History of Fire Alarm Systems

    Fire   The first fire departments were formed more than 200 years ago. asics tiger hombre Unlike the high tech equipment wielding community heroes they are today, the first fire fighters were town and community members organized into roving brigades.

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  • They walked through their home towns on scheduled shifts, carrying bells and whistles they could ring or blow to call for assistance when they spotted a fire. Nike Air Max 2016 Heren zwart While undoubtedly helpful for town safety, this system had serious limitations because the location of the manually sounded alarms could not easily be traced in a timely manner. Nike Air Huarache Heren   Then, much like most aspects of home security, the invention and proliferation of the telegraph in the 1840s lead to the advancement of fire detection. Women Air Jordan 13 The first telegraph-based fire alarm system was installed in New York City in 1847 and hundreds of similar fire detection networks sprung up around the country in the 1850s and 1860s, mostly under the direction of the newly formed Gamewell Company. nike air max pas cher These early systems involved a series of telegraph boxes placed around different sections of town and all wired to one or more central fire stations. A resident spotting a fire would crank the dial of the nearest box in order to dispatch a team of firefighters to deal with the blaze. nike air max 90 goedkoop   Inventor William B.

  • Watkins further improved this system in the 1870s with his development of the heat sensing automatic alarm system. Watkins’s systems automatically sent telegraphs to the fire department when the hardware detected temperatures higher than a specified threshold, limiting the need for witness action.

  • Heat-detecting alarms became the standard for fire detection until the 1960s when smoke detectors became commercially available. Studies conducted by the Fire Detection Institute comparing smoke and heat sensors have found that smoke detectors sense threats faster and statistically increase home and business safety; the vast majority of fire-related deaths and injuries today occur in locations without smoke detectors. Nike Air Max 2016 Heren groen   Now, home automation systems such as those sold by Livewatch incorporate smoke and fire detection, in addition to monitoring for carbon monoxide and flooding.

    Monday Roundup

    tortoises Tortoises and hair were among the stranger items stolen this weekend. Here’s your Monday roundup:
    1. It’s common to hear about lost or stolen cats and dogs, Canotta Portland Trail Blazers but last week two tortoises were stolen from an Athens,
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    3. Ga., home. Nike Air Max 2017 Heren wit The tortoises were each valued at $750.

    4. Major downer: Thieves Saturday stole several hundred dollars’ worth of food supplies meant to be sold at a charity softball tournament benefitting a Florida children’s hospital. nike air max 90 femme pas cher The items were stolen from an event organizers truck,
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    6. which was parked in his driveway overnight. nike air presto donna Footage captured by a neighbor’s security cameras is being used to help conduct the investigation.

    7. Hurray for alarms. Thieves Saturday broke into a Chicago store and stole an assortment of rare coins.
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    9. The burglary was cut short when the store’s alarm system sounded, Chaussures Asics causing the suspects to flee.

    10. …and cameras too. Adidas Pas Cher A woman was caught on security camera stealing hair extensions from a California store and fighting the shop owner.

    Five Tips for Secure and Unforgettable Passwords

    Setting up accounts for email, online shopping and social media is a simple task. However, creating safe and memorable passwords for each account is not as easy. The longer the password, the more secure it is, but it can be harder to remember. A balance between security and memorability can be achieved by personalizing passwords with symbols, numbers, phrases and codes.

  • Here are five tips that can help you keep track of your online passwords while maximizing protection:   1. Use symbols and numbers: Add any symbol found on your keyboard (~ ! @ # $ % ^ &), such as an underscore at the beginning, middle or end of your password. Goedkoop Nike Air Max   _password pass_word password_   Inserting numbers randomly into your password is another way to increase its strength. To aid in remembering the numbers in your password, try breaking up your zip code, phone number or another number you have memorized. However, it is important to refrain from using numbers that should always remain private, such as your social security number or credit card number.

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  •   2. fjallraven kanken classic Use phrases and keywords: Selecting a random combination of three or more phrases that are significant to you is a smart way to generate uncrackable codes that are hard to forget.

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  • Capitalize the first letter of each word or choose a unique sentence as an additional security measure.

  •   CapitalizeTheFirstLetters useasentence   3.

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  • Reverse the order: Develop your password, then reverse its order by flipping the word backwards. Justin Tucker Ravens Jerseys   password drowssap   4. Use repetition: Repeating your password and doubling its length can be advantageous for password strength and your memory.   passwordpasswordpassword   5. Landon Collins Giants Jerseys Create a code: An advanced and fool-proof method for creating passwords is to design your own code that represents values in another form. First choose a password. air max Then assign numbers to encode letters in your password and letters to encode numbers in your password.   original: 2pass0word14 encrypted: c1611919a2315184be   The scheme for this password assigned 0 to the first letter of the alphabet, 1 to the second letter of the alphabet, 2 to the third letter of the alphabet and so on… The first letter of the alphabet was assigned to 1, the second letter assigned to 2, the third letter assigned to 3 and so on…   Creating a safe and memorable online password is easier than you think and definitely worth the effort. A quick way to test the strength of a new password is to think about whether another person could have created a password identical to yours. If you think your password is too generic, follow these tips and personalize it even more. If your memory cannot juggle multiple passwords and the complexity of each one, try using a mobile app like, 1Password or LastPass to keep a safe list of your online passwords.

    Happy (and Safe) Shark Week!


    Shark Week 2014 is in full swing, Nike Air Max Sko and Livewatch is proud to be a sponsor of this year’s programming.

    Shark Week first aired on the Discovery Channel in 1988. Goedkoop Nike Air Max 2016 It is now cable TV’s longest running program. Canotte Phoenix Suns The shark movie and documentary marathon was first created to inspire viewers to learn more about the ancient creatures and to encourage support for shark preservation. asics outlet shop

    The week-long special has evolved into a compelling combination of education and pure entertainment. Ray Ban pas cher In addition to scientific interviews and footage of real shark attacks, Inne Buty Adidas Shark Week includes fictitious documentary-style films like “Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives,” which imagines the return to the sea of the biggest and scariest shark of all time. nike air max 90 pas cher Past hosts of Shark Week include comedian Andy Samberg and Jaws author Peter Benchley.

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  • Enjoy the thrills of this year’s programming,