This alarm system is the world’s fastest, and it can be yours

asaper-emergency-response When you choose a home alarm system, you’re investing in more than just a device that lets you know when your property is at risk. You’re choosing the automated line of communication between your home and the emergency services that can assist you before serious damage is done. You want this line of communication to be quick and unrestricted. Maglie Milwaukee Bucks The faster police can arrive on the site of a burglary, the less of a chance the burglar has to get away.
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  • Likewise, the National Fire Protection Association recommends that firefighters reach the site of a fire within six minutes of the blaze having started.

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  • An alarm system with a fast response time makes this more likely to happen. sac à dos fjallraven kanken pas cher Livewatch offers the world’s fastest alarm response times. nike air max pas cher Activated alarm signals reach our monitoring stations and are routed to the authorities 10 times faster than competing services.

  • Part of what makes this possible is ASAPer, our game-changing alarm response technology. ASAPer notifies you, your emergency contacts, and one of our highly-trained home security professionals when an alarm goes off on your property. Scarpe Nike Air Max The service creates a chatroom for all of your emergency contacts instantly, so you’re not delayed by a sequential calling process. Canotta Philadelphia 76ers This system not only ensures speedy response times, but it also eliminates false alarms being sent to the authorities in cases when a trusted neighbor or friend can verify a false alarm for you. ASAPer doesn’t require the purchase of any additional hardware or software, and it links directly with our 24/7 monitoring stations. adidas superstar 2 donna It’s a sure way to protect what’s most precious to you with industry-fast emergency response times.

    These 3 tools are great for preventing loss

    At Livewatch, we’re always trying to help you protect the things that are most precious to you. Nike Air Max 2016 Heren Rood With that in mind, here are three tools for preventing loss that we think you should know about: Neighborhood Watch: Neighborhood-Watch The Neighborhood Watch program, started by the National Sheriff’s Association in 1972, has served as a long-lasting source of safety and satisfaction in America. AJ 12 OVO Organizing a neighborhood watch in your community not only prevents the loss of property due to crime, but it also fosters bonding and a sense of group spirit among residents. fjällräven kånken classic The coordination of community-lead patrols improves response times in the case of local emergencies, and the process of arranging these safety precautions increases everyone’s quality of life as neighbors grow more comfortable working with one another. asics gel noosa hombre You can learn more about the Neighborhood Watch here. ASAPER: asaper-envelope Livewatch’s ASAPER emergency response technology is the home security industry’s fastest system for responding to break-ins, burglaries, fires, and floods.
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  • ASAPER notifies you and your emergency contacts when an alarm is triggered on your property, and it creates a virtual chat room where you and the people you trust can assess the situation and respond appropriately, all with the assistance of a Livewatch home security specialist. Fjallraven Kanken Classic Sound good? You can learn more about ASAPER here. Image sensors: IS1 Image sensors trigger security-related events when they are activated and capture an image of whatever sets them off. Dont’a Hightower Jersey They have all but replaced motion sensors as the standard sensor devices in a home security system. A.J. McCarron – Alabama Crimson Tide With image sensors installed, you can immediately have a picture of the scene sent to your computer or phone, allowing you to determine whether there is a threat to your property, or if the alarm was triggered accidentally.

    A Diagram of Diaster Prevention: Burglaries and Home Invasions

    The safety and security of your home, Kanken 20L possessions and most importantly, air max pas cher your family is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Trevor Siemian Jerseys It’s easy to say,

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  • “It won’t happen to me.”, Air Jordan 10 Uomo but the truth is as many as 1 out of every 3 households fall victim to a burglary or home invasion. adidas ultra boost damskie This infographic will arm you with top tips and best practices on how to keep your family and home safe and secure by deterring crime, Solde adidas gazelle preventing break ins and optimizing emergency response time.

    Three Benefits of Custom Alarm Systems

    brick-house2 When it comes to arming your home with an alarm system, the number of options you have can be dizzying. Fjallraven Kanken Mini In addition to the variety of alarms and sensors you can choose, there are an abundance of add-ons in the forms of cameras, hazard detectors, and automation devices available to enhance your security, but also complicate your decision-making process. The predesigned complete security systems that exist to simplify your buying experience often provide more-than-adequate security for your home and installing one of these could easily alleviate your security concerns.
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  • However, starting a custom alarm system from scratch gives you future expansion options a predesigned system doesn’t. In addition, custom alarm systems can be modified and adapt to specifically meet the changing needs of you and your family. If you’re thinking about acquiring a custom alarm system, here are three major benefits of the extra research to think about: 1. nike air jordan 3 mujer The flexibility to accommodate your unique property: Everyone’s house and property are different. With a fixed package you only get so many entry and motion sensors, but building a custom alarm system gives you the flexibility to account for every window and door you want to secure.

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  • If you make an addition to your home or find that you want to secure an area you didn’t originally think needed an alarm, custom alarm systems are made to easily accept new devices. Air Jordan 9 Want to add a security camera to augment your alarms? No problem if you’re using a customized system. 2.

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  • The ability to modify functionality: Predesigned systems work great for their intended purposes, but what if you decide you want a motion sensor in your yard instead of that alarm you installed on your door? With a custom system like Livewatch’s Plug & Protect, you can easily swap out sensors and alarms without additional fees or technical difficulties. 3. adidas gazelle The power to improve daily living: Custom alarm systems can go far beyond the basic functions of home security.

  • From monitoring your home to make sure children and pets are playing safely, to remotely controlling home appliances to save money and energy, to contacting friends and neighbors in the case of an emergency, customized alarm systems can be expanded over time to make your life easier. Livewatch representatives are experts in the field of custom alarm systems and do-it-yourself home security. Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawks Jersey We are here to help you choose the right sensors, alarms, and cameras as you assemble a system that will protect what’s most precious to you.

    How to Keep Your Home Safe from Fire

    HouseFire   Yesterday we learned a little about the history of fire alarms. asics gel lyte 5 hombre verdes As a follow-up, here is a short guide for how to protect your home from fire:  

    1. Keep your smoke detectors in working order: Less than 20 percent of fire-related deaths occur in buildings with smoke detectors because they are the fastest and most accurate fire detection devices.
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    3. Make sure you have at least one smoke detector on each floor of your house and one outside the door of each bedroom.

    5. You should test your detectors once every month and change the batteries twice a year.

    6. Maintain your heating appliances: Stoves, dryers and furnaces are common accidental fire starters. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Unless you’re an expert yourself, you should bring in a professional once a year to ensure your appliances are in proper working order.
    7. Be careful with electricity: When charging multiple computers, phones, cameras or other rechargeable devices, beware of tangle and clutter. new balance 1300 acquisto Webs of knotted cords are electrical fire hazards.
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    9. Also you should minimize the number of extension cords and power strips you use to avoid overloading your outlets.

    10. Clean and organize regularly: Organizing piles of paperwork and breaking down and throwing out extra used boxes isn’t usually the most exciting item on the priority list, but large amounts of those things can serve as kindling for house fires. Nike Air Max 2017 Dames roze Filing your papers in cabinets and getting rid of your extra boxes and paper bags will make it harder for potential fires to spread throughout your home.
    11. Purchase fire extinguishers: In case an unfortunately timed spark happens to ignite something in your home, it’s always good to have a fire extinguisher on each floor of your home. Nike Air Max 2016 Dame It’s best to keep these devices near potential sources of fire like the aforementioned stoves, dryers and furnaces.

    How to: Avoid Getting Your Phone Stolen

    smartphone user Cellphones—and especially smartphones—are popular targets for thieves because the devices’ increasing complexity leads to higher returns on the stolen-goods market. In 2013 cellphone theft rates continued to increase despite law enforcers’ attempts to curb them. adidas nmd donna In some areas, 50 percent of robberies are now cellphone related. nike chaussures Some will advocate for totally stopping cellphone use in public areas like sidewalks and trains as a means of avoiding phone theft, but such an approach isn’t always realistic. Communications within businesses, schools and friend groups are accelerating with every technological innovation, and sometimes waiting to respond to a work email simply isn’t a viable option. fjallraven kanken cheap Keeping in mind that everyone should try to do their best to limit unnecessary or frivolous public cellphone usage, here are some tips for how to avoid having your phone stolen while still using it when necessary:
    1. Be aware of your surroundings: Some places—like the grocery store you frequent because you know the owner—are obviously better locations for pulling out your phone than others. new balance 373 bleu orange That being said, thieves’ best weapon is the element of surprise so you need to always pay attention to what’s going on around you before pulling out your phone. Nike Air Max 2016 Dames Groen If you see someone paying a little too much attention to your actions, maybe it’s not the best time to respond to that text that just buzzed in—even if you think you’re in a safe place.
    2. Seek cover when using your phone: Arguably the worst place to use your phone is in an open area where someone can run up, snatch your phone and be off without deterrents. nike air max dame If there’s no one blocking access to you (and your phone), think hard before hopping on your smartphone.
    3. If you can’t move, don’t do it: Just like you don’t want to check your phone in an empty alley, you also don’t want to check it in a cramped place like a public train. Danny Amendola Jersey If you’re getting bumped into regularly just trying to keep your spot in line or on a train, odds are this isn’t the time to Google the recipe for what you want to cook for dinner later.
    5. Also note: if you notice the same person continuing to bump into you, try to create distance between yourself and that person as soon as possible—the third “accidental” collision might actually be your phone getting grabbed.

    6. Hold on tight and look defensive: Keep a nice strong grip on your phone when you’re doing mobile business or contacting your family on the go; using two hands if possible is ideal.
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    8. If you’re sitting down, holding your phone close to you and visibly blocking it with an elbow or knee shows potential thieves you know what’s going on and that you’re not an easy target.

    9. Obscure your device’s value: A simple and maybe slightly beat-up case does a good job of this.

    Five Apartment Security Tips


    With a changing cast of neighbors and their visitors, reduced control of surrounding property, Marqise Lee – USC Trojans and close proximity to others, Adidas buty dziecięce apartment-living presents a unique set of security challenges. Fortunately, there are some basic measures you can take to make sure your unit is a safe place for yourself and your family. kyrie 1 pas cher Here are five key apartment security tips:

    1. Install deadbolt locks: Deadbolt locks are far more secure than standard locked doorknobs. If your apartment doesn’t already have them, check with your landlord to see if you can get a deadbolt installed. nike air jordan 12 mujer Including a chain in the installation gives you a way to safely open the door part way when someone knocks.
    2. Reinforce locks on sliding doors: Sliding doors to balconies tend to come equipped with inadequate locking mechanisms. air max pas cher A flimsily protected balcony door can give burglars an easy way to enter your apartment. Fjällräven Kånken Mini However, Asics Gel Lyte 3 męskie installing a bar lock on the inside of the door will fix the issue.
    3. Invest in a safe: Because being a renter can limit the level of modification you can make to your property, Canotte Golden State Warriors buying a safe for your most valuable items is a good way to protect what’s most precious to you.
    4. Hang blinds over external windows: A clear view into your apartment tempts potential burglars to enter if they like what they see. Air Jordan 9 Retro Simply preventing passers-by to see into your apartment discourages potential burglars because they can’t know what to expect if they do decide to break-in.
    5. Consider a basic home security system: Even arming your apartment with a simple alarm is a great way to discourage burglar activity, or at least alert yourself to its presence.
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    7. It’s important to consult with your landlord first before installing any kind of alarm though,

    The Top 5 Lies Used in Door-to-Door Security System Sales


    The Federal Trade Commission recently issued a harsh report in conjunction with all state Attorneys General on “unscrupulous door-to-door sales agents.” The report accused these sales agents of “high-pressure or deceptive sales tactics to get potential customers to buy expensive, and sometimes substandard, systems or equipment they don’t need.”

    The Better Business Bureau has already received more than 1,000 complaints about door-to-door sales scams for 2012, according to a BBB August 2 article. This is already well over half of last year’s, which totaled about 1,300 complaints.

    The FTC report includes detailed descriptions of warning signs of what it refers to as a “Security System Scam.” According to the FTC, the scams’ salespeople come to the doors of residents who have the sign of a competing home security company on their lawns.

  • These sales agents often lie or falsely assert that the homeowner’s current company is going out of business and that the agent has been sent to replace the resident’s system. The salesperson may also claim to be from the company that the homeowner already uses and is simply there to “update” the customer’s system.

    What follows, according to the FTC, is a flurry of false promises and high-pressure sales tactics. The sales agent often promises free equipment, free installation and low monitoring rates—none of which are in the final contract. asics gel quantum 180 męskie The salesperson may also claim that the discounts are only available if the customer signs the contract right away, in order to ensure the customer does not have time to do any personal research.

    There have even been reports to the FTC that these salespeople, who are often only employed for a summer program and are paid by the number of sales they make per day, target the elderly. One 95-year-old woman in Tennessee was tricked into paying thousands for a system she had no intention of buying, by a salesperson who refused to leave her home until she signed the contract.

    One home security company Vivint, Inc., formerly known as APX Alarm, changed its name after receiving extensive customer complaints about its door-to-door sales tactics. A full investigative report was done by Memphis, Tennessee’s Action News 5 on Vivint and its door-to-door sales method.

    While some companies are not blatantly unscrupulous, the lasting impact from a rushed sale can be just as devastating. Here are the top five lies that high-pressure salespeople will use when trying to close a sale.

    1. The security system is completely FREE.
    2. This offer is only available for a limited time.
    3. There has been recent crime in your area.
    4. Our equipment and installation is top-quality.
    5. I’m from your current home security company.

    These types of practices should tip customers off to the kind of company they are dealing with. If a company feels the need to ask customers to sign on with them in a high-pressure way, it can be a good indicator that service will suffer down the line.

    The Unscrupulous Lies That Will Cost You

    Lie #1: “The security system and installation are completely free.”

    A misleading sales tactic commonly used is to offer a “free” system and “free” installation. Although the promotion may sound like a great deal, the system is rarely high quality and costs the salesperson virtually nothing to give away.

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  • To receive this deal, the homeowner must sign an alarm monitoring contract of up to five years. The salesperson and company then make their money by overcharging on the monthly alarm monitoring service over the life of the contract. In most cases, this means thousands of dollars wasted on what was said to be a free product.

    Lie #2: “This offer is only available today.”

    Deceitful and unethical organizations will encourage their salespeople to close a sale by pressuring their way into a person’s home. Once inside, the salesperson will employ any means necessary to get the homeowner to sign the contract. adidas nmd r1 męskie These sellers will not take no for an answer, and some may even refuse to leave the residence until the homeowner agrees to sign a contract with the salesperson. The salesperson sometimes will also try to create urgency by claiming the deal is only available for a limited time. New Balance 999 damskie With this pressure, customers do not have time to thoroughly evaluate their homes’ security needs, explore different options and compare prices and products.

    Lie #3: “There has been some recent crime in your area.”

    Salespeople may also use scare tactics to persuade a customer into signing a contract. By inspecting the house and finding flaws, a salesperson can point out weaknesses in a home that intruders could use to break in. The salesperson may also make vague references to recent break-ins around the area, or use crime statistics and maps.

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  • By convincing customers their homes are unsecured in a dangerous neighborhood, this strategy uses fear, uncertainty and doubt to quickly close the deal. The concern and confusion caused by scare tactics potentially leads to panicked, hasty decisions, and also distracts the customer from reading the finer details of the monitoring contract.

    Lie #4: “We have top-quality systems and expert installation.”

    The “free” equipment given away is usually portrayed as a high quality product, and the installation done by trained professionals. However, this is rarely the case. Many homeowners have experienced unexpectedly poor equipment because the salesperson lied about the product features and agreement. The company affiliated with the salesperson does not have to claim responsibility for the sales tactics used, because in most cases, the salesperson is a contractor paid on commission and has no long-term investment in the company or the customer. Regardless, if the equipment or installation experience problems, the customer has agreed to pay continually for the monitoring service by signing the contract.

    Lie #5: “I’m from your security company.”

    Unexpected salespeople will often falsely claim to be from the homeowner’s security company or another company to sell systems, which is easy to determine based on home security lawn stickers and signs. Sometimes door-to-door salespeople will say the homeowner’s current security company is going out of business and they are going to replace the system. Other times they might say they have come only to update the system. However, these salespeople then install a brand new system and coerce the homeowner into signing a new contract as well. To close the sale, they will make references to police associations and even neighbors or acquaintances. These people will be unwilling or reluctant to give out personal information or identification.

    Be sure to keep an eye out for these red flags when salespeople come up to your door. Not all salespeople are going to try and deceive you, but with awareness and caution, you can avoid the scam that costs homeowners up to thousands of dollars. Jordan Reed Redskins Jerseys

    Protect Your Home From Door-to-Door Scams

    Fortunately, there are four easy steps customers can take to make sure they are never tricked into buying anything by unscrupulous companies.

    1. The first step, according to the FTC, is to always demand identification from any door-to-door salesperson. Many states require sales agents to carry company identification on them, and this is an easy way to spot if they are not who they claim to be.
    2. Never let a salesperson into your home. asics gel kinsei 4 donna Once inside, the salesperson can use high-pressure tactics and even refuse to leave. Instead, take their information and business card. adidas superstar 2 uomo Tell them you will look at it yourself and if interested, you will give them a call.
    3. Remember to never sign any contract without reading it thoroughly; some companies or salespeople may slip in language that costs you thousands of dollars. Be sure to check the date as well, because some companies have been accused of backdating contracts so the customer can’t cancel within the cancellation period.
    4. Finally, if you do find that you have been tricked by a salesperson, federal regulations give you a way out. Andrelton Simmons Jersey If you sign a contract with a home security company anywhere but at that company’s place of business, you are entitled to a three-business-day “Cooling-Off Period,” during which you can cancel your contract with no repercussions or fees. This applies even if the system has already been installed.

    Our Award-Winning Way of Providing Home Security

    Part of LiveWatch’s role in leading the home security industry is to uphold the highest ethical and moral standards. We often refer to it as “ethics that would make our mothers proud.” A company’s ethics and morals are clear in the way its products and services are sold.

    Unethical sales tactics deliberately trick customers into buying a system they may not want or need, and into paying hundreds or potentially thousands of dollars to a deceptive company.

    LiveWatch offers upfront pricing, short contracts and over the phone consultations, rather than high-pressure door-to-door tactics. We respect our customers and believe they should have the time to thoroughly research and compare companies before they decide to protect with us what’s priceless to them.

    In addition, LiveWatch will never lock customers into a long-term contract. We offer only one-year contracts, with monthly renewal after the contract is up.

    Five Tips for Secure and Unforgettable Passwords

    Setting up accounts for email, online shopping and social media is a simple task. However, creating safe and memorable passwords for each account is not as easy. The longer the password, the more secure it is, but it can be harder to remember. A balance between security and memorability can be achieved by personalizing passwords with symbols, numbers, phrases and codes.

  • Here are five tips that can help you keep track of your online passwords while maximizing protection:   1. Use symbols and numbers: Add any symbol found on your keyboard (~ ! @ # $ % ^ &), such as an underscore at the beginning, middle or end of your password. Goedkoop Nike Air Max   _password pass_word password_   Inserting numbers randomly into your password is another way to increase its strength. To aid in remembering the numbers in your password, try breaking up your zip code, phone number or another number you have memorized. However, it is important to refrain from using numbers that should always remain private, such as your social security number or credit card number.

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  •   2. fjallraven kanken classic Use phrases and keywords: Selecting a random combination of three or more phrases that are significant to you is a smart way to generate uncrackable codes that are hard to forget.

  • nike free run 5 0 nero uomo
  • Capitalize the first letter of each word or choose a unique sentence as an additional security measure.

  •   CapitalizeTheFirstLetters useasentence   3.

  • Nike Air Max 1 Donna
  • Reverse the order: Develop your password, then reverse its order by flipping the word backwards. Justin Tucker Ravens Jerseys   password drowssap   4. Use repetition: Repeating your password and doubling its length can be advantageous for password strength and your memory.   passwordpasswordpassword   5. Landon Collins Giants Jerseys Create a code: An advanced and fool-proof method for creating passwords is to design your own code that represents values in another form. First choose a password. air max Then assign numbers to encode letters in your password and letters to encode numbers in your password.   original: 2pass0word14 encrypted: c1611919a2315184be   The scheme for this password assigned 0 to the first letter of the alphabet, 1 to the second letter of the alphabet, 2 to the third letter of the alphabet and so on… The first letter of the alphabet was assigned to 1, the second letter assigned to 2, the third letter assigned to 3 and so on…   Creating a safe and memorable online password is easier than you think and definitely worth the effort. A quick way to test the strength of a new password is to think about whether another person could have created a password identical to yours. If you think your password is too generic, follow these tips and personalize it even more. If your memory cannot juggle multiple passwords and the complexity of each one, try using a mobile app like, 1Password or LastPass to keep a safe list of your online passwords.

    How Flood Sensors Save Properties and Lives

    hurricane mitch Wireless flood sensors help owners act preemptively to prevent flood damage. Andre Ethier Jersey Placed in basements, the sensors detect when water reaches a certain level and then either sound a physical alarm or trigger an electronic notification via the central home automation system. Now this wireless technology, nike pas cher which has kept residential properties safe, NBA Canotte 2017 is also being used to keep citizens in developing countries safe from previously unpredictable storms. Maglia Patrick Ewing In 2004,
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  • MIT researchers began creating a wireless network of sensors to warn villagers and townspeople living in Honduras’s Rio Aguan basin about impending floods. Air Max 2016 Goedkoop Existing systems were either too expensive or too region-specific to be effective in Honduras. Hogan Rebel The team strove to create a cost-effective long-distance link between sensors that could both reliably transmit warnings and also withstand the brutal weather of the region. Canotta New Orleans Pelicans Using algorithms based on local knowledge of flood patterns, nike air max 2017 heren flood sensors and radio-equipped hardware, fjällräven kånken Barn the team was able to construct a model system that could be used to send a simple notification to the homes of village leaders whenever flooding became probable.