These Five Tips for Effective Sensor Placement Will Save You Money

Motion and image sensors are a crucial part of any home security system. They help keep your doors and windows secure, and can be used to add a second line of defense inside your home. However, people are often tempted to buy more sensors than they actually need. Just a few strategically placed sensors can cover an entire home and yard. Georgia Bulldogs Here are five tips that will save you money on your security system and help you get the most out of your sensors: 1. Focus on covering likely points of entry: Many security companies will try to sell you a sensor for every door and window of your home. However, burglars most likely can’t reach your second floor windows. You can mostly limit sensor placement to just doors and first floor windows, and you might not even need a sensor for each window. New Balance 999 hombre Read on to understand why. 2. Place sensors to optimize coverage: As the technology gets more powerful, sensors are able to cover larger and larger amounts of space. adidas sale uk Try placing them on walls or in corners roughly seven feet above the ground.
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  • This strategy can let your sensor cover most of a room, and it can be used to secure multiple windows with a single device. 3. Give your devices a clear view of the room: Keep decorations and furniture as far as possible out of the view of your sensors. You don’t want to let cosmetics get in the way of your safety. 4.

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  • Keep motion sensors away from air vents: Motion sensors rely on changes in temperature to detect threats. Goedkoop Nike Schoenen 2017 Placing them too close to heating and air conditioning vents can cause them to recognize a change in temperature, which will in turn trigger a false alarm. 5. Place additional sensors at key transportation points: If you feel the need to secure your home with extra sensors, hallways and stairways are great places to put them. If a burglar somehow makes it past your first line of defense, these sensors will catch them snooping around your house.

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  • LiveWatch’s security consultants are experts in sensor placement. New Balance 420 damskie We can help you protect your property with the fewest sensors possible.