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    Ken,I added two motion sensors to my DSC system (1555). As you may recall, I have installed two glass break sensors last week. I install them as follow:zone 09 glassbreak sensor - defined as instant (03)zone 10 glassbreak sensor - defined as instant (03)zone 11 motion sensor - defined as interior delay stay/away (05)zone 12 motion sensor - defined as interior delay stay/away (05)Atributes all four zones are: 1 2 4 6 7 8I did the placement test under section 904 and all four wireless devices gave me 1 as a result several times indicating me they are in good place. Zones 1 to 5 are wired zones (doors and windows) and they all work fine.Finally, I arm the system by holding the "away" button for a couple of seconds, the system start beeping and after one minute, the system is finally armed. Then I walked in front of the motion sensors, they blink (red light) a couple of seconds but the alarm is never triggered. Tried that sereral times and nothing, meaning that the glassbreak sensors won't trigger the alarm either.What I did wrong?Please advice.


    Hey Daniel,

            Zones higher than 8 are not active by default. You must go into section 203 and turn them on. In 203, 1 will represent zone 9, 2 will be 10,  3 will be 11, etc.

            Also, remember that wireless motions are designed to save battery power by going to sleep for three minutes after they trigger. This goes into effect after the initial 10 times they trigger, which allows for walk testing. After those first 10 times, the LED will no longer light, and the motion will NOT transmit to the panel for three minutes after an event. There is also a 9 or 10 second delay between detection and transmission of the signal, so don't think it's broken!




    I forgot to tell you about activating the zones in section 203. I did that too. Number 1, 2, 3, 4 are active under section 203, which are zone 09, 10, 11, and 12.

    I'll try tonight to leave the sensor alone for a while and then walk in front of them to see if the alarm is triggered.

    I'll let you know. Thanks!



    Hi Ken,

    Definetely the motion sensors I added won't trigger the alarm. I tested them for a whole week and nothing happened.

    I wonder if I have the old version of the 1555 that only have 8 zones. Do you think that may be the reason? I am setting the motion sensors in zone 11 and 12? As I said before, I actived them in section 204, defined them as interior delay stay/away zones, and set the attributes to 1 2 4 6 7 8. Also I did the placement test in section 904 and receive good placement signal.

    Any advise would be much appreciated.



        While it is possible that you have an early version of the 1555 with only eight zones, it seems to me that the system would not have allowed you to enter zone attributes for those higher number zones or to activate them in section 204; you would have received an error tone. Why don't you try away arming by entering your code and opening a door instead of manually with the "Away" key. You could also temporarily change the zone definition for one of the motions to "Delay" or "Instant" and see if that has any effect.




    just a note as well as what has been mentioned already in this thread. Although you are holding the AWAY key to arm you have set your motions to the stay/away mode by definition. DSC panels will not alarm in away even if using the quick arm key if you dont actualy fault the entry exit zone. this will make your motions appear not to be functioning properly.
    I get alot of services calls due to this from customers not openeing and closing their e/e door.



    So what do you suggest? How should I define the motion sensors and the glassbreak detectors? Will they activate if I use the away quick arm key?

    Thanks in advance,




    Not to stir up the mix here but if you arm in AWAY mode and do NOT open & close the entry exit door, the panel knows you did not leave the building and will put the motion sensors into STAY mode so they will not trigger as you walk around in the building.


    OK, let's clear up some confusion here. I'm very cautious about giving out information unless I'm 100% sure it's accurate, so I went to the test setup on my bench, where I have an old 632 and a new 1832 hooked up. Here's what I verified A DOZEN TIMES on both systems:

    If you arm using the "Away" button on the keypad, the system will arm as "Away," whether you violate a zone during the exit delay or not. To put it another way, if you arm as Away manually (using the "Away" button") the system will arm in Away mode, period.

    If you arm using the "Stay" button, you can violate a delay zone a zillion times during the exit period, and the system will still arm in Stay mode.

    The whole point of the "Stay" and "Away" buttons is to give the user the option of overriding the automatic arming method that is built into the system. If you heard about an escaped convict in your community, you might want to go to bed with the entire system active (including motions). You could do that by simply arming with the "Away" button. On the other hand, if you had a house guest with a large dog, you could arm using the "Stay" button, and the two of you could leave the house and go to a movie with the system armed as "Stay" (No motions). You wouldn't have to worry about the dog, because the motions would be inactive in Stay mode, even though you had opened the door during the exit period.




    Thanks for all the information. Sorry I didn't say how it did go. I haven't tested the motion sensors again. They don't even show the red led anymore so their batteries may have run out. I am taking a summer class and working full time so I don't really have that much time (I'm with my wife the rest of the day)  ;) . So, I probably check this out in August and let you know if I get them to work.

    Thanks again,




    Hey Ken … Interesting post about the away / stay feature …

    I'll have to try those features out … I would wonder though, if you armed with the stay button and then left to go to a movie, would you violate the system when you came back in through the e/e door? ..

    Also, now I am thinking .. I recently set up some wireless keys, thanks to this forum! … I do have 1 motion which is defined as an interior stay/away (05) … When arming with they key fob on the away mode does it enable the motion with out the use of the e/e door? ..

    Thx …


    Hi Tony,

          Remember that this whole Stay/Away business concerns only those zones that are designated as Stay/Away. No matter how you arm the system, if your entry/exit door is defined as Delay (or Instant, if you  want more excitement in your life), that door will trip the system when you open it, period. The only zones that are not active in Stay mode are "Stay/Away" zones.

         Using the key fob is the same thing as using the manual Stay and Away buttons on the keypad. Arming with the Away key on the fob will arm the full system, including Stay/Away zones, the same as if you used the Away key on the keypad. Arming in this way is NOT dependent upon opening  a door during the exit period.




    I spent 3 days trying to find out why my motion sensor would not trigger in away mode. I first replaced battery but no change. Then order a new motion sensor. Did a wireless enroll but still no change. reset the DSC hub(PC9155). [998] . still no change. check [201] and [202] to make sure the zone was on. no change. Finally tried Individual Wireless Placement test. It tells you if the location of your sensors are good. Its one of the *8 commands. To trigger the motion sensor take it off the back housing and when you put it back on, it sends signal to hub. There is a tamper switch in the back of motion sensor. I removed sensor moved it closer to the hub, and pressed the tamper button, and YES, the control panel said it was a good signal. Then when I put the sensor back on the wall bracket, No signal. So my guess is that its to far from the hub. I went to my hub and noticed that it was right next to a Wifi Cable Modem. I moved the cable modem down a couple of shelves, and wala, I could now receive the signal from the sensor when I tested it on the wall. Weird cause I was able to wirelessly enroll the motion detector to hub. My guess is that the alarm signal and enroll signal are different and the cable model was conflicting with only the alarm signal. Took wireless keypad out of test mode and it all worked. It only took me 3 days to go from idiot to hero.

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