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    My power went out for about 30 minutes this morning. When the power came back on, the NetworX NX-148E I have won’t stop beeping. When I press*2 it tells me I have “Control Power trouble” which according to the manual means the power to my system is not on. However the power is on. I don’t currently have the system active meaning I don’t subscribe to anyone. I just moved into the house a year ago and never activated the alarm. How can I get the beeping to stop and get it to see the power?





    Did you check the specific outlet that your panel power transformer is plugged into, to make sure that your transformer is getting power. Sometimes a circuit breaker trips when the power goes out and is restored. If the power transformer is cold, it’s either not getting power, or the primary winding inside is blown. If it’s warm, it’s getting power but the secondary winding (16.5VAC output) might still be blown.
    Use a digital multimeter to check the 16.5VAC output at the transformer, where the low-voltage wires are attached. This is all low-voltage, so you can’t get shocked.



    I remember that these type of error messages needed some “round about” way of clearing. Gosh.. doing this out of memory from about 9 months ago… Mine was stuck with a “bad communication” or “bad phone line” error message that I just could not get rid of.

    The solution was not obvious. Did you try resetting the keypad themselves? Or maybe it was just to change ~something~ via the keypad, to force them to do a status update to the host computer and the other keypads. Wish I could remember the details.

    Maybe you can brute force the issue by unplugging the power and unplugging the backup battery. Plug it all back and see what you get.



    Hi yofreetime. I had a similar problem on my NX8 when the house power was off for more than 12 hours. The battery ran low and the panel warned me of that (battery low) via an SMS. Eventually the battery power dropped to below what the panel needs to operate and went bonkers, sound the panel buzzer all the time and the LCD display went grey. This continued even after the power to the house had been restored. I contacted the installer who told me there is no hardware reset and I had to disconnect the power to the control board by removing the wire from the battery. I did this for a few seconds and reconnected the battery. By this time the power was on and since then it seems to be OK.

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