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    Can an installer access my cameras by remote? I had a system installed and the installer used my PC to set up the system so I can access the cameras on the internet. I logged in to my router for him (the password was not revealed) but have no idea what he was doing afterward. At one point, he moved the monitor to prevent me from seeing his password (I have no idea why or what he was logging in to).



    Yes, they can access it , only if you have given them permission to do so..
    But if they are doing something illegal and suspicious then it is better to change settings.
    Since they are professional, so they know better than you.
    It would be great if you take help from a professional too…

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    The global HVAC community has been moving toward an industry-wide phase-out of the refrigerant known as R22, in favor of the cleaner, more efficient R-410A, Secure Home Services.



    CCTV installation companies cannot do anything illegal, because it directly affects their businesses. If you think something wrong will happens to you, then you can change the password of your router.

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