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    Hello, I have the Admeco Vsta 20P installed for several years and functioned fine. The keypad is 6150APX2.

    After heavy rains over the last few days, a problem occured. All incoming phone calls, after a single ring did one of following things: 1. ringing stopped and call ended (almost all calls) OR 2. A fax tone is heard (later discovered to be coming from the Ademco control panel). Some times after the fax tone, After hanging up if a call came in (I called my phone again), it would be fax tone and then another call would be normal multiple rings. This cycle may repeat. But most of the time, it was just 1 ring and end.

    I had the land line phone company come. They pointed to the alarm panel as the problem. We disconnected the panel’s connection to the phone system. That stopped the problem confirming that the alarm system is some how causing the problem.

    Please, how can I fix it? I do not know any thing about alarm systems but can follow directions (I did install this panel with a technician giving me instructions on the phone). I do have the installer code for it. I assume it needs reprogramming. If some one can give me detailed step by step instructions on how to reprogram it I would appreciate it.

    Is the problem other than messed up programming? Thank you for the help.

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