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    I have a Z1100 system in my home owned for 20 years.  There are two fire alarm stations. The fire alarm has worked well until recent unexplained alarms. 
    A couple of weeks ago the damper in the LR fireplace backed up, smoke filled the room and the alarm went off, as it should.  I reset it and the light went off.  Everything as it should be.
    About 48 hours later, it went off again (4a.m.), for no reason, and I reset it.  Another 48, went off again, reset.  And twice more at slightly different periods each in the early a.m..  Each time it has been reset, but I cannot trust that it will not go off, so I have disconnected the power and shut down the system until I can resolve the issue.
    I want the fire alarm workable, but I don't know how I can set it or repair it.  I would be surprised if it is suddenly unworkable after having worked exactly as it should until the smoke and then these false alarms.
    Suggestions for resetting, repair, or in the last case, replacement? Is something closing a circuit causing a short that I can resolve?



    I suggest that you replace your smoke detectors. 20 years is beyond the life expectancy of most smoke detectors.


    DEL Installations


    The smoke probably pushed the units over the edge so to speak, contaminating the chamber further (on top of 20 years of dust, etc.)

    The only solution would be replacement, as they were due for replacement 10 years ago.



    Thanks for the advice.  I see from other tech support entries from about 3-4 years ago several replacements were suggested:  ESL-449CST; System Sensor 4WTAB; 449 CSTE by ESL; FSA-410B by DSC; and 4W-B by System Sensor.  
    Are these recommendations still good?  Any new replacement advice?
    I have a good electrician who I will ask to do the work instead of an alarm company.  Any specific advice I should pass on or is it obvious to the professional electrician?


    Also, recommendations for online retailers for the smoke alarms?


    Old EW Tech

    The often recommended ESL 449CST and System Sensor 4WTAB are good detectors and they are currently available.

    We sent you the forum’s list of recommended online resellers.



    This forum has really been helpful.  I was ready to purchase and proceed, but I have one last question about the appropriate replacement fire alarms.

    I found that all my three z1100 fire alarms are 445CT.  The central system itself sounds a fire alarm.  Is there any reason to use anything other than 449CT?  Do I need CST for individual sounds?  Any point in that?  Do I need any CSTE or CTE 's for the relay?  Any advantages in this system for anything other than CT?

    Thanks for running a great forum.


    DEL Installations

    You should already (hopefully) have a power supervision relay installed, so a smoke with one built in isn't necessary.

    IMHO, I don't like getting a single specialized device for any reason, as it limits replacement parts availability if you need to locate one. It also makes for a single oddball out of X amount of smoke detectors you have installed, so as a practical installer, I wouldn't go that route, however I've heard others do it.

    I'd recommend going audible, as it gives more information as far as an event occurring, as well as helps narrow down which detector is in alarm (as your present system won't sound at all, and the new units would not all ring at the same time). As a life safety device, it also benefits, as a redundant notification, and hopefully, wake you up if you're a heavy sleeper and miss the other sounds.

    It's also a nickel and dime item.  ;)



    I also have a Z1100 with a smoke/fire alarm that goes off every day or so. It is a Detection Systems DS200HD (Lot# 160). As you response to the initial post is very old (dated Jan 13, 2012) do you still recommend ESL 449CST and System Sensor 4WTAB as replacements? If so, where would I purchase the replacement?

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