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    It looks like both the Alarm.com and IQ thermostats boast “intelligent” features, similar to Nest and others, that learn your behavior and adjust themselves accordingly.

    For ADC: Are these features contained within the thermostat itself, or do they require ADC’s servers? Can the thermostat be used to its full potential without a connected ADC account as long as it is connected to some sort of Z-Wave automation system? (I currently have an IQ Panel with LiveWatch monitoring on the Total Home plan, so I’m good there, but whenever possible I don’t like to limit myself by purchasing hardware that requires a specific service, since you never know if needs will change in the future.)

    Similar questions for IQ: Does it require an IQ Panel? Or is the intelligence in the thermostat or cloud?

    Are there other vendor-neutral “smart” thermostats that are compatible with the IQ and ADC and that allow not only remote adjustment of the current temperature and modification of the schedule, but that will learn your habits and adjust accordingly? I know there are a ton of Z-Wave thermostats, but I’m wondering how different they are from each other. Will ANY Z-Wave thermostat allow creating a schedule, or like traditional thermostats, does it have to be a programmable type? (I would think programming *could* be done on the panel or ADC, but I don’t know if that’s supported if the thermostat itself doesn’t support schedules.)

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