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    If you bypassed the introduction, please check here.

    Remember to include the following information and use the Email Link Below:

    1.  Company Name
    2.  Street Address
    3.  City and State
    4.  Phone Number
    5.  Contact Person
    6.  Website URL (if applicable)
    7.  Distance willing to travel

    Email Link



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    October 10, 2014

    Apply for listing in your alarm company directory …..?????
    I have to say, since Livewatch “took over” this forum 3/4 months ago ( that is to say, completely ruined this forum ) I have tried a number of ways to communicate with you about “fixing” this poor excuse of a DIY forum.
    You obviously don’t care one iota about what goes on here as evidenced by the fact that after my initial contact with someone by the name of Joe Mioni ( who knew next to nothing at all about this forum and after the initial contact, has never contacted or answered any of my E-mails) absolutely nothing has been done to clean up this mess. No one is moderating the group. People are posting messages where they are not supposed to, people are advertising here, there is no way to get an E-mail notification that someone has responded to your post, It’s almost impossible to find the link to this forum from the Livewatch Home page. There’s no notification that there is a private message waiting for you. There is no way to quote a reply to a specific person when you want to make a reply to their post. When typing, Line feeds don’t work. If you don’t put some character between paragraphs, your post appears as one whole paragraph block of text. And that’s just SOME of the unprofessional and easily fixable items that have been ignored.
    AND ……. as anyone who participated in the original DIY Forum can see, as a result of this complete ignoring of this forum ….. hardly anyone ever posts here any more. I’ve been in this trade for 45 years. The original forum consisted of one of the most knowledgeable and experienced groups of alarm technicians I’ve ever come across on line. Now ….. everyone is gone. Where there was sometimes 30 to 50 end users a day asking question ….. now there are 2 or 3. Isn’t that some kind of clue that you’re doing something wrong?
    Livewatch you have totally ruined what truly was the “Best DIY Forum” on line. And therefore who would EVER want to be associated with you as a referred alarm company. You can’t even take care of your own business here, much less try to refer other alarm companies to your potential customers. And have you investigated or cleared these companies as being licensed or legitimate companies or do you actually care if you send someone to a fly by night scamming alarm company, who you just allowed to put their name in your directory?
    So how does that work? Any one who lists their name on your company directory will be referred to your customers? Yeah, sure ….. that’s who I’d want working in MY home?
    Let’s see how much you’re watching what goes on here, by how long this post stays up on the board.



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