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    Good Dayhere In South Africa the crime levels are extremely high and home breakings and assault are on the rise. i would like to know if there is a sytem out there that allows a person to trigger a panic alarm and that signal should be sent to a number of people around and they should know from who it is coming so that many people could respond all at once? is there such a system or something that would serve the same person?Thanks



    There are a few options I can think of, depending on how close your neighbors are. You get a wireless transmitter that is programmed into their system, and trigger it by a relay on your system. Your alarm activating causes there to be a signal at your neighbors. Or, maybe simply, a REALLY LOUD siren?



    Panic alarm is a good idea, but in case if it doesn’t trigger, then you may be in danger. So a siren may be a great option and mostly if burglars are at a safe distance, then screaming and making noises may help you out. Your neighbors may find out that you are in danger.



    Outdoor alarms will make people know that you need help and also connectivity to there home alarms can also be the solution. You can can consult this idea with your security consultant so that he can elaborate this service to you.



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