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    I thought it would be a straight swap-out, up until you mentioned only 4 wires at each 445 smoke detector. That sent up a red flag. Now it appears that your smokes were wired incorrectly in the first place. "Incorrectly" in this instance means "Not according to Fire Code" and that's something we take seriously in the alarm industry. I know of at least one tech who served prison time for wiring a fire circuit improperly. His wiring came to light after a building burned down and lives were lost and the FD did a thorough investigation of why the fire alarm didn't perform as expected.The merits of where to place End of Line Resistors on burglary zones has long been debated on this forum, but NO professional tech varies from Fire Code on fire zones: If there is more than one smoke detector on a fire zone, they are always daisy-chained and the EOLR always goes on the end detector, where it supervises the protective circuit of all the detectors. It is possible to wire the fire zone incorrectly, without supervision, by placing the EOLR in the wrong place, and the smokes might still work. Which is why you were getting your false alarms. But with only 4 wires on each, either one or both of your smokes were not supervised properly; meaning that if a zone wire broke or came loose, the panel wouldn't detect a trouble condition and you'd be unaware that your smoke wouldn't trip the panel alarm in the event of smoke.Whoever installed it might still carry legal liability.And frankly, I'm not sure what legal liability I, or any tech, would incur if I/we were to advise you how to replace smokes on a circuit I/we know doesn't meet fire code. That's one reason I'm asking all the questions about your wiring; and a reason I need to know where your End-of-Line Resistor is.I'm sending you a PM.



    I have Z900R Moose alarm system and three of the window sensors are not working or being recognized by the alarm key pad. We have checked all the other sensors and everything is working, so do I need to buy three new window sensors from Home Depot or Lowes that I can install; or do I have to call an alarm company technician to come out and repair them and or replace them?



    Cyndi, my apologies for not spotting your post earlier. This forum is something of a ghost town nowadays and I’m one of the very few Techs who still check in here, and sometimes I’m away for days.
    Did you get your problem resolved or are you still looking for a solution?



    I hav a moose z900 alarm system. I wan t to ins tall a new sire, horn ! What do I need to purchase. And, it looks to me like it gets connected to terminals #3 and #6? I do not have a driver for the present alarm and do not want to install one for this system. Any advice would be appreciated.
    The reason I am not just looking at the presently installed one is because it is in an area of the attic I can’t get to!




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